Private Investigators Of Las Vegas


     We have been around Las Vegas for many years and have performed investigations for many clients. Although our findings are not always what our clients wish to hear, we give full confidentiality in every aspect of our cases.

     We have an extensive list of clients who are more than satisfied with our results. We provide results; we work closely with government agencies and the like, to make sure we leave no stone un-turned during an investigation.

     All of our investigators come from backgrounds that make them ideal for this sort of work. They possess all of the skills and are fully qualified to undertake any investigation. Private Investigators of Las Vegas use current, up-to-date tools and equipment, which enables us to give the best possible success rate for investigations or surveillance operations.

Private Investigators Of Las Vegas Benefits

     Our private investigators have many years’ experience with many coming from careers that are closely linked to law enforcement. Many of whom have been raised in Las Vegas.

     We give the best customer service in the industry, from being friendly, courteous and fully supportive. We make sure all of your needs and requirements are met with the minimal of upset or disruption.

Affordable and Trusted
     We offer excellent services at competitive rates and being affordable means we have no hidden costs or fees. The price we quote is the price you pay.
Even being affordable, we guarantee we never compromise on our level of services.

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     Our range of services is second to none, from a possible cheating partner, surveillance, family court cases to criminal defense and background checks and many others.

     When you are looking to get the job done, you only have to make one confidential call to our friendly staff. From there it is a simple matter of finding what service you need. That point forward, we begin work on your case and remain in continual contact of any update or findings.